Flight plan routing requirements for events

Fellow pilots and controllers,
VATPRC is requiring all IFR flights to submit their flight plan using the route provided in the event page while participating our events. The route provided is using a format that based on real-world flight plans operating within Mainland China, which brings more realism to our events. This format of route may not be corresponding to the SID/STAR, which means the route may not begin with the last fix of the SID(departure fix) and/or end with the first fix of the STAR(arrival fix). The route using this format was created for flying between most Mainland China airports, and can be found by using the route planner from our pilot center. Below are guidances for using this format of routes, and participating our events:

  1. The begin and the end of the route may corresponding to the SID and the STAR. eg. The route from Qingdao(ZSQD) to Jinan(ZSJN) is OLPUB W103 OKALI. When departing via YO-61X (end at YO NDB) and arriving via WFG-91A(start from WFG VOR), the pilot will need to manually replace the overlapping legs based on the navigation chart of that procedure(some aircrafts will automatically correcting the route once the SID or STAR has been activated). When there is an overlap between en-route legs and SID/STAR legs, the SID/STAR leg should always replace the overlapped part of the en-route leg. As mentioned before, the route is not necessarily end with the arrival fix(in this case, the route is ended at OKALI—a fix in the STAR leg, instead of the arrival fix WFG VOR). This is to prevent the pilot flying blindly into the TMA when the frequency is busy and did not receive a STAR assignment from the approach controller before reached the arrival fix.

  2. The en-route controller may assign pilot with an arrival procedure and runway after proper coordination with the approach controller. However, it is subject to change by the approach controller(for STAR assignment) and tower controller(for runway assignment). If the en-route controller did not assign a procedure, the pilot should follow their route until passing the last fix of the route, and maintain heading from the last leg. eg. For a flight from Qingdao(ZSQD) to Jinan(ZSJN), if the pilot did not receive a STAR assignment, the pilot should continue to follow their route to OKALI after reached WFG. Unless otherwise instructed, or a STAR was assigned by the approach controller before reaching OKALI, the pilot should continue on their route until OKALI, and maintain the heading of the last leg after passing OKALI.

  3. When the aircraft has already passed the arrival fix, and instructed by the approach controller to join the STAR, the pilot should direct to the nearest STAR fix ahead, not the arrival fix. Eg. From Qingdao(ZSQD) to Jinan(ZSJN), after passing the arrival fix WFG, a STAR was not assigned and the aircraft is following the route to OKALI via W103. When the approach controller instruct the pilot to join WFG-91A arrival, the pilot should direct to OKALI then follow the arrival legs from OKALI, instead of turning back to WFG and start the arrival legs at WFG.

  4. When the last fix of the route is an IAF(Initial Approach Fix), the controller may skip the STAR and instruct the pilot to join the approach procedure for the active runway. Do not confuse approach procedure with arrival procedure. The approach procedure starts from the IAF. eg. A route to Hailar(ZBLA) via A345: A345 HLD, ends at HLD VOR which is the IAF of Hailar airport. The controller may instruct the pilot to join the approach procedure from HLD VOR, without assign a STAR. The pilot should only select the approach procedure and runway in their FMC.

  5. The controller is allowed to, and may instruct the pilot to fly direct to a waypoint that is not in their route or procedure. The pilot should monitor the frequency carefully, and advise the controller ASAP if they are unable to do so.

  6. We recommend pilots to plan and file their route using the route planner from our pilot center for non-event flights. When there is no controller online, the pilot shall choose the SID/STAR at their discretion.

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