Political issues within VATSIM

Dear all, 


It is with great sadness to see how members of VATPRC interact with other members online and via chat messages, regarding real political issues, that are outside the scope of VATSIM network. VATSIM operates under specific rules that we all have agreed to follow. And these rules are not followed since the last week.  Everyone is reminded that VATSIM is a network to share the same happiness, cheerful spirit and aviation enthusiasm. Not to create imbalance between nations.  Real political matters are not to be affiliated with VATSIM network. This includes either being online as ATC or pilot, official Facebook pages, official twitter, official chat platforms such as discord, teamspeak etc.  I am in the unfortunate position to state, any member that does not get in line with the above, disciplinary action will be taken.   Lets put in the free time to share the fun with online communities and not waste it . 


Best Regards,  Anastasios Stefopoulos, ID 901134

Region Director, VATSIM Asia

Administrator VATSIM.NET