How to connect to the Voice server via ES?

I ve see some ATC use the new VVL server, but i still dont know how to connect it…


Cuz I cant find any post about this.

What? Oh, the good news

Hello Ying,


    You do not need to connect to our new voice server by yourself. If you enter the voice channel of the controller who uses our new voice server, you will connect to it automatically



you still need a voice server address when you are observing to an ATC.


and there is no any introduction of using ES


oh… I see what your intention is now" alt=“:D”> yep if you wanna obs our controllers operation you should tune to the correct voice server address as the observed controller is using.


here it is, actually, it’s been up for a while again after a maintenance period. Exclusive for VATPRC!


I recommend, if you are inclining to learn Euroscope, the best way is to submit your application for being a VATPRC controller via our offical website page. An insturctor will help you sort it out.


Happy Chinese New Year