Something about the Controllers' Voice setting


Some controller maybe still remember me,“William Lee” as an S3 controller of PRC.

I want to adverice you that you all should check your voice setting out.

It’s really a terrible thing to type while trying to control a mad machine.

Pls make sure you have the correct way of voice setting.


William Lee(China Universal 851,a sim A320 Pilot).

We will check our radio,thank you.

I was talking to everybody else but you. Sometimes pilot change a server will kill the problem

Hi William,


Thanks for your feedback.


Things like this happen. It’s most probably a server problem. As far as I know, all the controllers online today were talking to other pilots normally. For some unknow reasons, VATSIM servers do not get along with each other now and then. In such a case, either pilot or controller makes a server change will get rig of the problem.


Another situation I had been through is that I suddently lost voice contact. I usually log off and reconnect the network. Chances are I won’t see it happen again in the session.


Anyway, your feedback is deemed as most precious to VATPRC ATC team.




Thx,I shall try to reconnet the net next time.